Circle invitation design.


The AIChE Annual Meeting is the premier educational forum for chemical engineers interested in innovation and professional growth. The UF Department of Chemical Engineering hosts an annual VIP Dessert Reception to showcase new opportunities in cutting-edge research and emerging growth areas in the department.

Conference attendees receive numerous event invitations, so I designed this invitation to stand out upon opening. The use of an envelope, rather than sending a postcard, sends the message that this is a special event. I desired to use foil on the dots & “Join Us” to make the invitation more dynamic. However, to be cost-effective, I chose a coated gloss stock paper instead of foil, which worked out beautifully because all elements received the surface sheen look I was going for. You can never go wrong with a dash of razzle dazzle.

An electronic version was sent to 400+ invitees via Constant Contact. Taking advantage of both digital and printed methods of delivery ensures no VIP guest is missed.

Specs: 5 inch diameter
Date: September 2015