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Photo Credit:  Erik Zamora

Photo Credit: Erik Zamora


The University of Florida


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Here is some description text. Nullam tempor dolor sed nulla auctor, nec placerat felis sodales. Etiam et turpis mattis, efficitur mi ut, ultrices diam. Donec consectetur, odio eget porta varius, orci mauris viverra ante, eget egestas turpis sapien vel orci. Donec eu ornare augue, ut efficitur velit. VAfter evaluating the budget and reviewing marketing materials from other colleges and universities across the country, I used the University of Florida brand guide toolkit combined with the College of Engineering’s mission statement, “Powering the New Engineer”, to establish a voice for the Department of Chemical Engineering. I used hero colors, orange and blue, along with neutral, bright and muted secondary color palettes to design print and digital pieces that speak to multiple audiences.

Find ways to promote the University of Florida Department of Chemical Engineering while adhering to the parameters of the newly released University of Florida brand guidelines.

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